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What are essences?


"Vibrational Essences are highly diluted, energized preparations made with the plants, gems, minerals, and other substances found in nature, and with colour, sound, light, and spirit.  They hold the positive properties of the consciousness of their source.

Vibrational Essences introduce positive qualities of consciousness to the individual. This change in depth and breadth of awareness leads to an expanded range of understanding and interaction between persons and between persons in nature.

Vibrational Essences are liberating in that they enable us to see through restrictive conditionings and belief systems imposed by our respective cultures.  They do this in an unobtrusive manner.  They assist by catalyzing expansion rather than forcing it.  They are unassuming and act benignly.

They help us through the minor and major transitional periods of our lives by bringing issues more clearly into focus and stimulating insights into these.  Moreover, they nurture and comfort in times of flux.

Because they are capable of raising our level of awareness they assist us in understanding and appreciating our own uniqueness and that of others.  They enable us to become who we are at our soul or core level while understanding the inherent right of others and the natural world to do the same.

Vibrational Essences assist us in recognizing that we are multi-dimensional beings; that our existence and cognition go beyond the physical to the emotional, attitudinal, intuitive and spiritual.


They help us to approach wholeness within ourselves while recognizing that we are integrally related to the sacredness of others, animals, plants and the entirety of our natural environment."


~Crafted by Andy Christopher for the  Association of Vibrational Essencesof Canada (AVEC), 2000.