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What others have said about the Living Light Essences


Nothing more powerful... 
"If I was asked asked to choose one tool to enhance healing sessions, it would be the Living Light Essences. Of all the products that my centre carries, there is nothing more powerful when it comes to shifting the mind and assisting clients in advancing spiritually. No one leaves a session without either experiencing one in a session or taking one home. My partner, a chiropractor/energy specialist uses them to balance the physical body as a compliment to supplements and therapies. We are also now using them in our school to help students with core healing lessons and spiritual growth."
- Lora Kapetanios
Director Medical Intutive/Counsellor Pearl Street - Health & Wellness Centre Burlington
Ontario, Canada


Industrial sized containers... 
"I can't even imagine where we would be without this wonderful work. I feel like I have made some great breakthroughs and am feeling more at peace than I have for years. I feel like I am taking responsibility for myself in ways that I couldn't possibly have ever noticed without the goal settings and the Living Light Essences. I have had several industrial sized containers of almost all of the essences I think!"
- Kristen Andreae
Acupunturist - Lynchburg
Virginia, USA


Life altering...

"When I read testimonials and someone has written how something has changed their life, be it a nutritional product, a healer or a course, in a very short time, I have always had a hard time believing it fully. Until now. Because I am writing you to tell you how your products have change my life significantly within a two month period. I had no expectations when I started your essences...
When I started to take your Freedom Essence I felt very stuck in my life.
Like I was knee deep in a mud puddle and couldn't get out. My efforts and
results were short-lived. My job which was not fulfilling me, I had no energy, and felt like I wasn't living but merely existing. Within two days of taking this essence I felt a shift in my Being. A sense of hope, and change of attitude. The shift was very subtle. I am very sensitive person and picked up on that right away.

Then I started to take Metatron and Breath of Life. Wow! Talk about making
things happen! Metatron is very action oriented and has truly put me in touch my Yang energy, my purpose and the steps that I need to take to fulfill that purpose.

What has changed in my life? I am now moving into self employment which I
am thrilled about. I feel like I am truly on the path to living my life to its fullest potential, fulfilling my dreams and expressing my gifts in my day to day work and actions. It is very important to me to feel like I am contributing to society and that I have a purpose here. I have a strong sense of that now. I have so much energy now. I am physically active again and able to interact with more people. I am expressing myself with strength and dignity. I will continue to take the essences and am starting a new one now.

Sound too good to be true? It's not. If you are ready to change your life and accept yourself as the Divine Being that you are and accept the goodness
that can come into your life, then you are ready for these essences. I feel they are a catylyst for change and help to unblock limiting thoughts and patterns that hold us back from the peace and happiness we deserve.

Thank you very much."
- Diane Yeo
London, Ontario, Canada


Ferrari of all Essences... 

"We think you have a product that is the Ferrari of all essences, we really mean it. Top-quality!"
- Marcelo Boog
Saguaro Import – Flower Essence Distributor
Sao Paulo, Brazil


Recommended to anyone... 
"As a homeopath, my experience is that the Essences always facilitate change, sometimes subtly, sometimes a little more demonstrably! I have come to trust them as extremely high vibrational energies which resonate so strongly with our highest qualities that they always empower us to be the best that we can be at any given time. Personally, they have raised my awareness of who I am, helped me find greater compassion for myself and others, know love on a deeper level, and find inner peace with the ‘real me’ inside and the world around me. My life now reflects these inner changes to a degree I would never have thought possible a few short years ago. I would recommend these Essences to anyone..."
- Janet Tyres
Cumbria, England


Buy the stuff in bulk?... 
"After attending one of Jeff's Level 1 seminars, I decided to try one or two of the essences and started with the Starry Sapphire which I thought would be perfect for my daughter. She didn't test strongly for it, but I did, so I tried it, found immediate results and I've been helped tremendously in focusing my usually scattered mental patterns as a result.

Even more gratifying is the change in my daughter's ability to "unblock" after weeks of struggling with her Masters thesis. There were days when she thought she would have to drop the thesis and try again in a year or two. When I suggested she try the Divine Diamond essence, she found that within one or two doses, the writing was flowing and she was able to complete a chapter with ease. She asked me last night if we could "buy that stuff in bulk!"
- Brenda Hansen
Burlington, Ontario Canada


Useful in times of stress... 
"In my experience, the Living Light Essences are a useful tool for self-development. Personally, they have helped me to feel more grounded and to gain greater clarity in my life choices. They are especially useful in times of stress and indecision. I would recommend the essences to anyone seeking answers to health concerns - whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual - and to their life's purpose."
- L. Imbert
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

agate heart

A "Happy Essence"

"I have tried sample essence of Clear Aphophyllite & Pink Stilbite" [Being Love].  First drop, gigantic energy penetrate third-eye and then I couldn't stop laughing for a while with sweet pleasing feeling around my heart.  It must be Happy essence to open hear widely and channel energy into throat.  It vibrates softly and sweetly.  Thank you!"
- M.O.
 Tokyo, Japan




"These Living Light Essences offer wonderfully transformative energies!  They extend the spectrum of healing with essences into spiritual dimensions."
- Daniel J. Benor, MD
Editor of the International Journal of Healing and Caring
Editor of Sands of Time e-Zime
Developer of TWR: Transformative Wholistic Reintegration
Guelph, ON, Canada



Re-establish balance...

"The Living Light Essences have added another dimension of energetic treatment to my practice.  They work incredibly quickly to help re-establish balance on the mental-emotional plane.  patients find them highly effective and come back asking for more."

P.R., ND


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