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The Living Light Special Essences Series

The Living Light Special Essences series is the most archetypal, inspirational and powerful of the Living Light Essences, assisting us in becoming more conscious, and establishing deeper and richer connections with the more spiritual aspects of ourselves.  This series also addresses the fundamental archetypes of Father, Mother & Child, and Priest.


Holy Spirit - Creative Expression

[ For additional information about each essence, please cllick on each essence name.]

Holy Spirit

This active, yet nurturing Feminine Creative Presence helps you get into the Flow so that you can express the Gifts of the Spirit and your own inner creativity with greater passion, fluidity and grace.  It also enhances the Higher Feminine aspects within the self.

29 mL / 1 oz dosage bottle
Price: $20.99 CAD

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Melchizedek - Righteousness


Brings you the wisdom and the courage you need to live by the Higher ideals of Truth and Justice.  Helps you reach your Higher potential, so that you can deal successfully with life's challenges and changes, and experience Peace.  Also deals with childhood issues, helping to connect with the Light of the Divine Child within.

 29 mL / 1 oz dosage bottle
Price: $20.99 CAD

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Metatron - Divine Creation


The Masculine Creative Force deals with the flow from Mind and Thought into physical form and structure.  Creatively assists you in organizing changes and reprogramming your life in a major way.  Assists in clearing old family 'history' - deep genetic patterning.

29 mL / 1 oz dosage bottle
Price: $20.99 CAD

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LifeForce - The Breath of Life


This expansive and life-giving Force helps you take in and express Life more fully.  It assists in creating a stream of higher conscious awareness and flow between body, mind and spirit; between matter and Light.  Its major focus is transformation and transmutation.

 29 mL / 1 oz dosage bottle
Price: $20.99 CAD

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Living Light Special Essences Set

Specials box - closed

This beautiful kit containing four essences is presented in a white box (*not as depicted here) with a booklet providing some information about essences, how the Living Light Essences work, and explaining each of the seven Living Light Special Essences:

  • Holy Spirit - Creative Expression
  • Melchizedek - Righteousness
  • Metatron - Divine Creation 
  • LifeForce - The Breath of Life 

*Please note:  We are starting to phase out the original boxes used to present the essences, replacing them with white boxes that have a gold Living Light Essences logo on the lid.

 4 x 29 mL / 1 oz dosage bottles
Price: $79.76

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CAD = All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

**Please note that essences are not meant to replace other therapies, medicine, counselling, etc., but to complement them, allowing the individual to make changes in a deeper, more conscious way.  For more informaton please see...