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Living Light Special Essences Set

Special Essences

The Living Light Special Essences are the most inspirational and powerful of all the essences, assisting us in becoming more conscious, and establishing deeper and richer connections with the more spiritual aspect of ourselves.  This series helps to heal the primary archetyes of Mother-Feminine, Father-Masculine, and Child. These essences work at the deepest level of the self, and help to strengthen the virtues of righteousness, vitality, feminine spirit, and the spiritual mind.


This beautiful kit containing all four Living Light Special Essences is presented in a white box (*not as depicted here) with a booklet providing some information about essences, how the Living Light Essences work, and explaining each of the four of the Living Light Special Essences:

  • LifeForce - The Breath of Life
  • Metatron - Divine Creation
  • Melchizedek - Righteousness
  • Holy Spirit - Creative Expression

*Please note:  We are starting to phase out the original boxes used to present the essences, replacing them with white boxes that have a gold Living Light Essences logo on the lid. 

The Living Light SpecialEssences are made from the vibrational frequencies of Blue Sapphire + Living Light Starry Sapphire Essence, Imperial Topaz + Living Light Golden Topaz Essence, Rose Quartz + Living Light Rose Quartz Essence, Diamond + Living Light Divine Diamond Essence, and Ruby + Living Light Royal Ruby Essence, in a solution of 80% distilled water and 20% grape alcohol/brandy used as a preservative.  [Total alcoholic content of each essence is 7% per volume.]

4 x 29mL / 1 oz bottles

Price: $79.76CAD

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CAD = All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

**Please note that essences are not meant to replace other therapies, medicine, counselling, etc., but to complement them, allowing the individual to make changes in a deeper, more conscious way.  For more information please see... 

Life Force






Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit


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