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Rose Quartz - Circulating Love

rose quartzrose quartz stone

The Living Light Rose Quartz Essence - Circulating Love - gently opens the self to love and be loved - giving and receiving without need or expectation.  Enhances your ability to appreciate, accept, and love yourself.

As Love is the essence of all things, the Rose Quartz/Circulating Love essence is, in our opinion, the most important of all the Living Light Essences; it helps us begin to see and love ourselves as the wonderful beings we already are.    Loving the self is the first step in allowing ourselves to be loved.

Rose Quartz is the gem associated with the Third Ray, the pink Ray of Unconditional Love / Creative Intelligence.

The vibrational frequencies of Rose Quartz in a solution of 80% distilled water and 20% grape alcohol/brandy used as a preservative. 

Directions for Use:
7 drops directly under the tongue or in a glass of water 3 times daily for 2 weeks, or as directed by your healthcare professional. May also be applied topically to the skin, or in a bath. For baths add 15 drops.

29 mL / 1 oz dosage bottle

Price: $20.99 CAD

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**Please note that essences are not meant to replace other therapies, medicine, counselling, etc., but to complement them, allowing the individual to make changes in a deeper, more conscious way.  For more information please see... 

atomic structure of quartz

[atomic structure of quartz]


  • High self-esteem
  • Self-Confident
  • Accepting
  • Self-Love
  • Worthiness
  • Giving Love
  • Receiving Love


  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Difficulty giving and receiving Love
  • Not taking care of self
  • Feeling Unworthy


  • Feeling better about yourself
  • Honouring yourself
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Accepting who you are
  • Taking the time to care for yourself
  • Becoming more open to receiving love from others


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