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Dear Living Light Essences Friends,                                                                  

It is hard to believe that over two years have passed since I took over the Living Light Essences® from Jeff and Living Light Corporation.  It has been an even longer time since a newsletter went out…long overdue!  My apologies to all of you who signed up for a newsletter and have waited so patiently for me to get around to it!  

Thanks also to all of you for your continued support of the essences during our time of change...which took much longer than expected!  I’d just like to clarify things briefly, as there has been some confusion around what has happened.  Jeff Binder and I created the Living Light Essences® in 1996.  We ran the company together until 2001, at which point Jeff took it over and I took a sabbatical.  Jeff is now working with my daughter in a new company that sells organic and biodynamic beauty products (www.saffronouge.com) and so handed back the essences to me.  In 2006, I created my own company, LUMINESCE, which means, “to become Light” (which is what the Living Light Essences® are all about) to house, produce and distribute the essences.
As I have always worked full-time with children as a Speech-Language Pathologist, and I have no intention of giving up my ‘day job’ at the moment (I 'retire' in 2011), I was all set to hire staff to help with production and to answer phones, etc.  However, the ‘universe’ had other ideas, and I was 'told' quite clearly that this was not the route I should take at this time.  I had been away from the essences, even though I continued to use them personally, and I needed to spend time with them doing ALL the jobs myself! 
It has been quite the challenge and learning curve, but I’ve loved every minute of it.  Weekends, evenings and sometimes lunch hours have been full of responding to phone calls, taking orders, producing essences, dealing with suppliers, etc.  So, if you call and no one answers the phone when you want to place an order, please be patient and know that you can leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as is possible.  The ‘universe’ hasn't told me yet that anyone else can do this.  I have a sense of the reasoning behind this, and am enjoying re-connecting with everyone, and with the essences in quite a deep way.  There are so many interesting people to talk with and connect with it has been like Christmas all year long!  What has been even more rewarding is the feeling that I've finally 'come home'! 


I hope to include information about the Living Light Essences® and a number of other things:

  • Information about  specific Living Light & Bloesem Essences and  what they are for
  • Information about  how the essences can be used simply as essences or as complements to  other therapies
  • New ways to use  the essences
  • Personal stories  from myself and others who have used the Living Light Essences® to help you understand them better
  • Other insights  and information about essences in general
  • Thoughts about  what is going on in our world
  • Special  offers
  • Notices for  educational courses being offered

If you have any other ideas for things you would like to hear about, please feel free to email me and let me know, or call and talk about it.  I'm thinking of setting aside one night a week in the new year to take calls from practitioners who would like to know a bit more about the essences.  I'm also thinking about opening up time for essence sessions with practitioners over the phone sometime next year, or in person if you happen to be within driving distance.  

If you have any personal stories you would like to share about how the essences have worked for you or for your clients, we would be happy to share them with others, taking care to honour your privacy should you choose not to publicize your name.  Our distributor in Japan is particularly anxious to hear stories from people to share with their clients in Japan.  


This month I would like to focus on what the Living Light Essences® really are and how they were created.  It is a longer story than suitable for a newsletter, but I'd like to attempt a simplified version.

Yes, the Living Light Essences® are gem-based essences, but they are really Essences of the Seven Rays, here to help us raise our consciousness and discover who we truly ARE.  I will not pretend to have a great understanding of what the Rays are; some people have made them their lifelong study.  If you are interested to learn more, simply Google 'The Seven Rays' and you will find a wealth of information about them on the Internet.  Benjamin Crème gives a general “… introduction to the seven rays of energy which condition all people, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.” at http://www.share-international.org/ARCHIVES/AgelessWisdom/aw_bc7rays.htm 

One thing to note is, like anything else we humans seem to do, there is some controversy about who has the best 'edge' on what the Rays are.  Like those who believe that only flower essences are 'real' essences, there are those who believe that only Alice Bailey has the 'truth' about the Seven Rays.  In actual fact, the first information we can find about the Rays comes from very early Vedic literature.  Unlike Alice Bailey who, in her writings stated that as humanity changed so would the Rays, some of her followers are fairly rigid in their beliefs about the Rays.  So, if ours don't match up exactly with Alice Bailey's, please don't be offended, at least she was more open to the possibility of change than some of her followers.  

In terms of the Rays, we took the information we were 'given', rather than from what Alice Bailey wrote.  Much of the information we obtained was based upon our own experiences, understanding and awareness.  The process of developing an understanding and appreciation of them, and experiencing the Divine Flames, is a continuing one, as it will be for all humanity as well.  We attempted to do our best to take that understanding of the Divine Flames a step forward along their path.

It was Telea Juna, a friend, lightworker and teacher from England, who first introduced me to the Rays.  I met her in the late 1980's when she was teaching a meditation class in Cambridge, ON, Canada, where I lived at that time.  I went on to take her introductory course about the Rays and their associated Archangels over a period of time.  I must admit that although I had an open mind, I was also a bit of a 'doubting Thomas'.  However, many strange things were happening in my life at that time and I didn't understand them all either.  Telea helped to answer some of my questions.  When Jeff arrived, I passed on the information to him and he took to it much more seriously than I ever had.  

At that point in his life Jeff was unemployed and looking for something to do.  I had been using flower essences for some time and happened to be reading a book that had a chapter in it on some rather esoteric essences.  I jokingly threw the book at him, literally, and said, "Here, make some essences!"  Jeff took my words to heart and decided to try and make essences of the Seven Rays.  One of my friends, who had quite a bit of knowledge about them, laughed when Jeff told him of his idea, stating that this was impossible!  Jeff insisted, so he suggested that gems would be the only things powerful enough to hold such energies.  The creation of the essences began...hence, gem-based essences.

Just how does one make essences of the Seven Rays!  Well, it says in the Bible and other ancient texts, "Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you."  We created a very specific protocol, decided which gems could work to hold each Ray, and began.  Using our protocol and the gem bases we simply asked, in all sincerity, that the specific energies 'descend' into the bottle and they did!  We also asked that they be as pure as possible and that none of our own energies affect them.  We didn't really have a clue what to expect.  Hard to believe, but true!  
The essences were made twice, once by Jeff and once by myself.  It was a very profound experience in many ways.  I remember how the energies of each one seemed so different as they came through.  I still think that each one of them tastes different as well.  No one was more surprised that they actually worked than I was.  Being the 'doubting Thomas', I had to have them proved by others before I believed they did anything.  What followed after their creation blew every paradigm I held to be true.  It was an amazing time of discovery, new insights and information flowing in from Source.  What was also amazing was how they literally 'flew' around the globe within the space in one short year, and how people appeared out of the woodwork to help us get them out.  The universe, again, had it's own timing!  

We took the information we had about the Rays and tried to apply it to the essences.  We decided to call some of the essences 'Divine Flames' rather than Rays, as it is a Flame from which a Ray streams forth for us to experience.  Each Flame is a spark of divine consciousness.  The Rays are defined as Flame projections, or projections of fire.  Metaphorically, we may imagine the sun that shines above us as a Divine Flame, and the Rays of Light or Fire that it gives off, which come to us, as the Rays.  They represent the total experience of a specific force or quality.  A flame can be defined in terms of what it represents more accurately than what actions it can perform.  We can call this 'being' as opposed to 'doing'.  The act of 'being' is not something we can convey easily or accurately with mere words.  That would be like trying to describe that part of a human Being that simply IS.  

It is said that the One Light comes from the Source of all creation.  It begins as a White Light, which holds all the colours of the spectrum.  As it emanates from the Source, it divides into sparks of Light or Flames, from which the Seven Rays descend.  These Rays have to do with the qualities and principles upon which we live.  We come here to experience a specific ray or rays - the Ray of Power, the Ray of Wisdom, the Ray of Love, etc.  Some people also believe that the ‘ages’ go through different Rays as well, much like the Mayans believed in 13 Bakhtuns and the ancient Vedic texts talk about the Yugas.  In the West we also talk about the Ages - the Age of Pisces or the Age of Aquarius, etc.

The Rays were first introduced to the west in the late-1800’s by Madam Blavatsky (1831-1891), the founder of the Theosophical Society, which was so prominent and influenced so many people, including Alice Bailey and later Edward Bach himself.  Alice Bailey (1880-1949), who followed Madam Blavatsky, is the most prominent of westerners to write about the Seven Rays.  She was 'contacted' by a Tibetan master, originally known as ‘The Tibetan’ and later as DK or Djwhal Khul, who provided her with information about them and many other aspects of Esoteric healing and knowledge.  Alice Bailey wrote, "A ray is but a name for a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibits and not upon the form aspect which it creates." (The Seven Rays of Life, Lucis Press)  http://www.lucistrust.org/en/publications_store/alice_bailey_books

My favourite definition comes from the website: http://www.sevenraystoday.com   

 "The essence of the teaching behind the Seven Rays is that each of us develops along one of seven different evolutionary paths. This makes the transmission of objective knowledge concerning the Rays very difficult, because each interpretation will be tailored to suit the Ray type of the communicator.

"We believe there are seven distinct paths of spiritual evolution, and so it is important that people working on each Ray should have access to this information. This applies especially to those who find it hard to struggle through “The Secret Doctrine” and “Treatise on the Seven Rays”, which are long obscure books, tinged with 'conspiratorial' views and archaic political opinions because they were very much books of their time.

"Today, the Rays can be seen as a way of appreciating the healthy difference between cultures and ideologies, and how the accent should be on the role of each individual to find their own spiritual path: we do not need to convert people to our beliefs, but help them to discover their own!! "

So, what does all this mean in terms of the Living Light Essences®?  The essences are divided into Seven Rays, and on each Ray there are three essences - a Divine Flame, an Archangel, and a Gem.  The Gem Essences series focuses on grounding and every day 'stuff' - the practical nitty-gritty of every day life.  The Archangel Essences series focuses on balance and integration.  They help bring together the physical and spiritual aspects of life.  The Divine Flames series are uplifting and are the most transformational or 'spiritual' of the series.  

If you happen to have a brochure about the essences, read the columns vertically rather than horizontally.  For example, the THIRD RAY, the Ray of Love, is represented by the Rose Quartz/Circulating Love, Archangel Chamuel/Loving Patience, and Third Divine Flame/Unconditional Love essences.  Rose Quartz assists in opening one up to love and be loved.  When that happens we can move on to a greater kind of love, Archangel Chamuel, like the love of a parent – compassionate, patient, kind and forgiving.  From there we can move up to accepting and being able to resonate with the Third Divine Flame, Unconditional Love that comes from Source, a Love that has no beginning nor end in space or time and is all encompassing.  

Or, if one looks at the SEVENTH RAY, the Ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic or Ritual or Organization, Holy Amethyst/Releasing assists us in letting go of fears and anxieties which keep us from moving on or living fully.  Having released them we can move into Forgiveness/Archangel Zadkiel, where we can forgive ourselves and others.  Forgiveness is Love in Action, and allows us to move up to another level, that of the Seventh Divine Flame/Freedom and Transformation.  And so on...

At the same time, it is important not to think of one essence as being 'better' than another.  Think of the essences as you would of the musical note C on the piano keyboard.  We have lower C, middle C and upper C.  Neither is 'better' than the other, each simply represents a different frequency - some lower and some higher.  It would be hard to play a tune without them all.  They add variety to the music we create, and we need all aspects of them in our existence on this plane.  More in a later newsletter about how to the Living Light Essences® work as a complete set/system...like music, for uplifting consciousness, healing and transformation.


As I often get calls from customers who would like to find a practitioner in their area who uses the Living Light Essences® or Bloesem Essences in their practice, I would like to set up a directory of practitioners and a list of retail stores.  If you have a website, we could also include a link.  If you would like to be listed please contact me via email at: rachel@luminesce.ca  

I have discovered a small stand (12" x 8" x 12") that comfortably holds one complete set of essences and sits easily on a shelf.  If you would like to order one to hold your set of essences in your office or store for easy access and display, it will be available in the New Year 2007.   


Please Note:  Orders for the Bloesem Essences should be made directly to LUMINESCE here in Canada or though BLOESEM if you live in Europe.  Our U.S. distributors do not carry the Bloesem Essences. 


TRILOGY NATURAL PRODUCTS – wholesale and retail
Elburn, IL
Glenna & Jeff Armesy
Tel: 630-557-2121

NATURAL APPROACH TO HEALTH – wholesale and retail
(minimum order requirements)
Minerva, OH
Contact: Customer Service
Tel:  330-868-5353

JAPANESE CUSTOMERS – wholesale and retail
If you live in Japan or the Far East, the Living Light Essences® may be purchased from our distributor there:
Tokyo, Japan

EUROPEAN CUSTOMERS – wholesale and retail
If you live in Europe, you may wish to purchase the Living Light Essences® from our main distributor:
5960 AC Horst, The Netherlands

We are currently looking for a new distributor in Brazil and Chile to replace our distributors who, unfortunately, closed down their businesses.  We would also be delighted to hear from anyone in Peru who would like to take up the distribution of the Living Light Essences® there.  If you know of anyone who might be interested or would like to consider this yourself, please contact Rachel for information about distributorship at rachel@luminesce.ca.


If you have visited our website recently you will see that we also sell a wonderful line of flower essences made by Bram Zaalberg called Bloesem Remedies Nederland (Flower Essences of the Netherlands).  Bram has been an essence practitioner for several decades, and was one of the very first essence producers to create essences after the Bach Flower Remedies.  All of his essences are available from Luminesce, including a Special Set of essences not yet listed on the website.  Bram has just produced a new, very lovely book, written in English and illustrated in full colour, with explanations for each of the essences - Flower Essences: A Gift of Nature.

Unlike most other flower essences the Bloesem Remedies are organic or wildcrafted, and made in a very unique way.  Bram makes his mother tinctures live, rather than by picking the flowers.  To gather the 'essence' of the live plant, Bram bends the plant, when possible, so that the flowers are encased in a large, round glass vial filled with spring water.  If any of you have read the story of how Edward Bach first came to notice the 'essence' of flowers in the early morning dew this will ring more true regarding capturing the 'essence' of the living plant.

The Original Set of Bloesem Essences includes a set of 35 essences, divided up into three separate sets - Standard Set 1, 2, and 3, which are available individually, in single sets, or as the full set.  A full repertory of the Bloesem essences can be downloaded from the website if you want more detailed information about the essences and what they can do.  This also includes categories such as Creativity, Depression, Expression, Family, Higher Self, and Insight... and lists which essences may be used for a wide variety of things.

The Bloesem Special Essences are a set of 13 essences that includes the essences:
4 Elements, 4 Mushroom Combination, Animal Freedom, Cell Phone Combination, Corprinus Auricomus, Integration Combination, Living Star Light, Motherwort, Purity, Stropharia Aurantiaca, Sunflower, Terra Extra/First Aid, and Spiritual Path/California Poppy.  

We also have a wonderful little 'introductory set' of 4 essences called the Combination Set that comes in its own delightful little box.  They would make a great gift for Christmas for a friend or yourself.  This set includes the essences of: Love, Protection, Rainbow and Terra.  
Just to give you an example of one of the essences from the Combination Set:  Terra (An emergency combination essence) contains Angelica - for protection, deep Godly trust; Clematis - to be firmly in the here and now; Mycenae - for bonding with the earth and eliminating elements which are hard to digest; Rode Bosvogeltje - power from the Higher Self; and, Yellow Star Tulip - trusting your own inner feelings, listening to your heart.  Together, they are well suited as a first aid remedy for all different kinds of complaints.  First Terra clears the blockages and then helps with the recovery process.  It brings peace and calm in tense situations, opens the solar plexus, and gives strength in all difficult circumstances, from exams to dentist visits and acute trauma.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Bloesem Remedies may only be purchased from LUMINESCE, not our U.S. or International distributors, except Bram himself in Europe and his own distributors in other countries.  If you would like to order some of these wonderful organic and wildcrafted flower essences, please give us a call directly at:  519-823-2288.


In 2001, I had the pleasure of meeting many of Canada's essence producers.  We met together a number of times in response to our government's creation of a Natural Health Products Directorate to regulate all natural health products.  During that time we decided to combine our efforts and insights to come up with a definition for essences so that we could better explain to our government what they were.  
There had been some controversy in the essence world (Yes, unfortunately it is not a whole lot different from other areas of life.) as to what constitutes an essence.  The Bach Flower Remedies had been the original western essences, and some felt that ONLY flowers could produce essences, whilst others were creating essences from gems, trees, shells, the stars and cosmos, and many other things.  
I'd like to share the definition we came up with as I think it captures the true spirit of essences.  It was crafted by all of us, but put into words by Andy Christopher of Alypsis, who was then the distributor for Canada for the Bach Flower Remedies, and, as you can see, has a gift with words.  Here it is for your enjoyment and illumination:

Vibrational Essences are highly diluted, energized preparations made with the plants, gems, minerals, and other substances found in nature, and with colour, sound, light, and spirit.  They hold the positive properties of the consciousness of their source.

Vibrational Essences introduce positive qualities of consciousness to the individual. This change in depth and breadth of awareness leads to an expanded range of understanding and interaction between persons and between persons in nature.

Vibrational Essences are liberating in that they enable us to see through restrictive conditionings and belief systems imposed by our respective cultures.  They do this in an unobtrusive manner.  They assist by catalyzing expansion rather than forcing it.  They are unassuming and act benignly.

They help us through the minor and major transitional periods of our lives by bringing issues more clearly into focus and stimulating insights into these.  Moreover, they nurture and comfort in times of flux.

Because they are capable of raising our level of awareness they assist us in understanding and appreciating our own uniqueness and that of others.  They enable us to become who we are at our soul or core level while understanding the inherent right of others and the natural world to do the same.

Vibrational Essences assist us in recognizing that we are multi-dimensional beings; that our existence and cognition go beyond the physical to the emotional, attitudinal, intuitive and spiritual.  They help us to approach wholeness within ourselves while recognizing that we are integrally related to the sacredness of others, animals, plants and the entirety of our natural environment.

~Andy Christopher for Association of Vibrational Essences of Canada (AVEC)

If you have any specific questions about the Living Light Essences, or essences in general, please send them to me and I'll try and answer them in the next newsletter...and I promise the next newsletter will be less long-winded!  8 )

Love and Light to you all,
Rachel Finney
LUMINESCE: P.O. Box 24033 RPO, Bullfrog, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 1-888-981-2288, Web: www.luminesce.ca, Email: info@luminesce.ca