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 Literature and Audio Resources


Level 1 Audio CD Set - 8 Discs

We are pleased to announce that the Level 1 seminar - The Essence of Vibrational Medicine© is now available as a dynamic 8-CD audio set. If you have ever wanted to learn how to use the Living Light Essences either personally and/or in a professional practice, this exciting CD series provides in-depth information and insights into the Living Light Essences and vibrational medicine.

With the CD set, you can relax at home, or listen in your car, and cover much of the same material we offer in the Level 1 courses we have taught in half a dozen countries around the globe. This 8-CD set is over 9 hours in length.

 Praise for "The Essence of Vibrational Medicine" CD Series©:
"I loved the course. I found Jeff's teaching to be clear and insightful, and his description of the distinctions between the chemical/physical and energetic/vibrational paradigms in the very beginning the best I've ever heard. Thank you."

 Special Price: $75.00 CAD  (normally $175.00 CAD)

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MedizListen to a sample of the live Level 1 Seminar - The Essence of Vibrational Medicine©

(Our apologies, the sample audio file is currently unavailable.)


 Living Light Essences® GuidebookLiving Light Essences Guidebook©

This 76 page book contains more in-depth information about vibrational medicine, essences, gem essences, the Seven Rays, how to choose an essence, dosage, and how each Living Light Essences works and what they can do for you in practical terms than is available on this website. 



Price: $12.00 CAD

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Luminesce ChartLaminated Full Colour Chart  
A laminated, full colour, 8.5" x 14" chart with a brief description of each of the 25 Living Light Essences provides a quick tool for determinig which essences you need.



Price:  $12.00 CAD

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Living Light Essences Brochure  
This brochure gives the reader a clear introduction to the 25 Living Light Essences, how they work, some basic information about each Essence, and how to use them. It also includes a full-colour chart for quick reference.

Living Light Essences® Pro Brochure







Price:  Free!

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Questions & Answers Brochure 
This brochure outlines many of the common questions and answers asked by people first starting with Living Light Essences. It is a great brochure for practitioners to give out to their clients, as well as for those who are new to the essences, and have questions.

Q & A Brochure 

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