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International Distributors

~ We welcome inquires from those who might be interested in distributing our essences in other countries! ~

Live outside of Canada? Looking to find a distributor in your country?  Here is a list of our official international distributors:



Bloesem Remedies Nederland
St. Jansstraat 3 Horst - Meterik,
The Netherlands NL 5964 AA
Tel: [31] (77) 3987826
Fax: [31] (77) 3987827
Email: info@bloesem-remedies.com
Website: www.bloesem-remedies.com  or 


(Multilingual site)



Kundalini Nyckeln AB
Rimsmedsvägen 44 A
SE-393 52 Kalmar SWEDEN
Tel: [41] (0) 480-44 43 88
Email: info@kundalininyckeln.com 
Website: www.kundalininyckeln.com or http://www.kundalininyckeln.com/home#!__stones-crystals/kristallessens

(Swedish & English)



Heart Support System, Inc.
2-3-1, Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku
Tokyo 152-0034 Japan
Tel. JP +81 3-5731-8797 Call  
Fax. +81-3-5731-8798
Email: info@floweressence.co.jp 
Website: www.floweressence.co.jp

(Japanese) - Japanese customers please order from Heart Support in Tokyo.  Thank you!


For customers in the U.S., please order directly from us here in Canada.  Using 'Small Package Air' is relatively inexpensive and fast.  There are no customs duties added between the U.S. and Canada for essences.


Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions about ordering from another country.  We have been shipping essences successfully around the world since 1996.