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What are Flower Essences?

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Flower essences are a gift from nature, providing us with wonderful healing properties.  They are highly diluted, energized preparations made from the vibrational frequencies of flowers and plants.  Each flower or plant has its own specific vibrational frequency.  Flower essences capture those frequencies to assist in healing and transformation.  They hold the positive properties of the consciousness of their source.

Flower Essences introduce positive qualities of consciousness to the individual. This change in depth and breadth of awareness leads to an expanded range of understanding and interaction between persons and between persons in nature. 

Flower Essences are liberating in that they enable us to see through restrictive conditionings and belief systems imposed by our respective cultures. They do this in an unobtrusive manner. They assist by catalyzing expansion rather than forcing it. They are unassuming and act benignly.

They help us through the minor and major transitional periods of our lives by bringing issues more clearly into focus and stimulating insights into these. Moreover, they nurture and comfort in times of flux.

Because they are capable of raising our level of awareness they assist us in understanding and appreciating our own uniqueness and that of others. They enable us to become who we are at our soul or core level while understanding the inherent right of others and the natural world to do the same.

Flower Essences go beyond the physical to the emotional, attitudinal, intuitive and spiritual.

They help us to approach wholeness within ourselves while recognizing that we are integrally related to the sacredness of others, animals, plants and the entirety of our natural environment.

(*Parts of this definition were paraphrased or taken from the definition of vibrational essences crafted by Andy Christopher for the Association of Vibrational Essences of Canada in 2000)

Flower essence therapy is a very delicate natural way of healing. The therapy uses energetic essences, made from the flowers of wild growing or organically grown plants, trees or shrubs.

Only the life energy of the plant or flower is used. The essences are used when emotional states or emotions are out of balance. An ongoing fear, for example, will affect the life force and vitality of a person. Flower essences are catalysts that help us gain insight in our consciousness. A fear, for example, is not a fear, but the lack of courage. Flower essences don't push away the fear but show you the way and give you the insight how to develop your courage again. When the mind is balanced again, the body can eventually recover itself naturally.    

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History of Flower Essences

Ancient History:

LotusFlower essences have been used for centuries in many different cultures - India, China, the Australian aboriginals, and by native peoples of the world. They are mentioned in the Puranas, ancient Vedic texts, some of the earliest texts known to man.  I remember the story my mother told of being ill with hepatitis in her early days in India in the 1940's.  An Indian friend came to visit her, concerned about her illness.  He asked if he could offer her an aryuvedic remedy.  He proceeded to ask for some yellow flowers, which he placed in a bowl of water.  After saying a puja (prayer) over the bowl, he then took out the flowers and offered my mother the water to drink.  He said that the water would help purge the yellow from her liver and body.

Dr. Edward Bach:

Edward BachModern flower essences were introduced to the west by Dr. Edward Bach (See:  http://www.bachcentre.com/centre/drbach.htm  ).  Dr. Bach trained as a bacteriologist and pathologist.  He studied medicine in Birmingham, and later at the University College Hospital in London, England, where he took up position as house surgeon.  Dr. Bach also had a private practice on the prestigeous Harley St., in London.  Dissatisfied with the way medicine focused on disease and not on the whole person, Bach left his position and took up a new one at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. In 1917, a life threatening illness made Bach reevaluate his life and he eventually gave up his position, practice and home in London.  From 1930 until his death in 1934, he devoted his time to looking for, preparing and researching plants to find those that would address key emotions or mental states.  Dr. Bach believed that when he treated the personality and feelings of his patients, their stresses and physical illnesses would dissipate, bringing about true healing.  Just before he died, he finished his reseach and his 38 healers/flower remedies were created.

Since that time, the world of essences has exploded and many people around the world have created their own flower essences using the methods given to the world by Dr. Bach.  Luminesce sells the flower essences created by Bram Zaalberg - the Bloesem Remedies Nederland or Flower Essences of the Netherlands.


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**Please note that essences are not meant to replace other therapies, medicine, counselling, etc., but to complement them, allowing the individual to make changes in a deeper, more conscious way.  For more information please see...