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Featured Audio Seminar

Level 1 Audio CD Set - 8 Discs 

CD Program

We are pleased to announce that the Level 1 seminar - The Essence of Vibrational Medicine© is now available as a dynamic 8-CD audio set. If you have ever wanted to learn how to use the Living Light Essences® either

personally and/or in a professional practice, this exciting CD series will help you gain a better insight into the principles and qualities of the Essences and how they may be used. 

The Level 1 CD series covers much of the material contained in the live Level 1 seminar taught in half a dozen countries around the globe for over five years.

With the CD set, you do not have to board a plane, nor book a hotel - you can cover the same material at home, and save the travel costs. This 8-CD set is over 9 hours in length.