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Bloesem Remedies Nederland (Flower Essences of the Netherlands)

Bram Zaalberg, the creator of the Bloesem Remedies Netherland, is an extremely intuitive and sensitive flower essence practitioner, teacher, producer and distributor  Bram has been making wildcrafted and organic essences of the highest quality since 1986.

Bram Zaaberg

 Bloesem's own website provides information and workshops about healing and flower essences for health professionals and the public at their ecological facility in Holland. These powerful and dynamic essences are prepared live using vibrant organic flowers, certified-organic brandy and pure spring water. 

The definitions for the Bloesem Remedies may also be found in the booklet, 'Flower Essences: A Gift From Nature' by Bram Zaalberg.   

Standard Set 1 Bloesem Essences Standard Set 1  
12 x 10mL
Field Scabious Bloesem Essences Standard Set 2 
10 x 10mL
 Star of Bethlehem Bloesem Essences Standard Set 3 
13 x 10mL stock bottles
 Combo Set Bloesem Combination Formulas 
4 x 10mL stock bottles
Bloesem Special Essences Set Bloesem Special Essences Set

10 x 10mL stock bottles

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The Preparation & Use of Flower Essences  
Learn more about flower essences, how they are prepared, and how to use them effectively.

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 Guide/Repertory of the Bloesem Remedies Nederland [Flower Essences of the Netherlands] 
Bram has prepared a detailed REPERATORY with additional information about each essence.


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